Pozhela, Yu K; Starikov, E V; and Shiktorov, P N.

The frequency dependence of the longitudinal differential mobility of hot electrons is calculated using velocity averaging over the before- and after- scattering ensembles by the single-particle Monte Carlo simulation of the steady state. A dynamic negative differential mobility (NOM), due to the transit-time resonance of hot electrons in the momentum space under the predominant role of spontaneous emission of optical phonons at low lattice temperature, is observed in n-lnP. The frequency- and field-behaviour of the NOM and the noise characteristics, as well as the possibilities to use the effect for amplification and generation of the millimetre-wave radiation, are investigated. The techniques for the experimental investigation of the transit-time resonance are discussed. The noise temperature measurements are shown to be the most suitable tool for this. The transit-time resonance characteristics in n-lnP are compared with the experimentally realized and theoretically calculated parameters of the cyclotron resonance NEMAG in p-Ge. The conditions for the generation and amdification are found to be better in the former case than in the latter one.


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